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AIRX4 Guardian Addressable Infra Red Receiver

AIRX4 Guardian Addressable Infra Red Receiver


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For use on older systems as replacement or additional receivers. For new systems, use AIRX7 receiver.

The AIRX4 Addressable Infra Red Receiver is a key part of the personal alarm system. It is housed in a standard ‘single gang’ electrical back box. The AIRX4 comprises of a signal receiver and decoder, confidence LED and address switch bank. All receiver units use software algorithm which prevents several units being activated from one Personal Activation Device.

There are removable jumpers used to enable/disable the Confidence LED and Tamper switch.

The Confidence/Reassurance LED gives a green ‘heartbeat flash’ when the unit is in standby to indicate that it is operational, and flashes red when the unit is activated by an infra red signal.