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Altec 169Mhz Fall Detector

Altec 169Mhz Fall Detector


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Not only can it automatically detect a fall but it can also be used to detect stumbles, trips or recovered falls. If a fall is detected the unit will enter a pre-alarm state indicated by fast beeps and a green flashing LED. If the unit is not returned to the vertical position during the pre-alarm period, an emergency alarm call will be made via an At Home Alarm Unit or Advent xt Grouped System. This results in a flashing red LED on the fall detector.

Where a stumble or a trip is detected, the unit logs this information to either a SayPhone 21 At Home Alarm unit or an Advent xt Grouped System. The data can then be accessed and analysed using Tynetec’s Altera Care Software. This can then be used to look for early intervention opportunities that can ultimately lead to a reduction in emergency hospital admissions.

A normal alarm call can be made at any time by pressing the red button.

Features include

  • Solid state dual axis accelerometer sensor
  • 5 user selectable levels of sensitivity
  • 3 event logs; impacts, pre-alarms & alarms
  • 1 year battery life (typical) – user replaceable 3.6V Lithium
  • Daily battery self test & low battery reporting
  • Dimensions: 85 x 56 x 20 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 68 grams
  • Range: 75 metres (typical)
  • Fall Detector Part No. ZXT410
  • Optional Elasticated Belt Part No. YW9946
  • Compatible with SayPhone, Advent xt & Altec Response