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STC8 Guardian HF IR and RF Personal Activation Device

STC8 Guardian HF IR and RF Personal Activation Device


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The Guardian STC6 Dual Technology Personal Activation Device comprises not only of infra red transmitters, battery monitor circuit with confidence LED, push button activator and attack level retained peg activation method, but also has a radio transmitter and aerial built into the unit. The unit, once activated, sends an Infra red signal as described above, and simultaneously sends the same codes via the radio transmitter.

This dual technology provides RF back up to the infra red, or additional coverage to larger external areas such as Staff Car Parks, where it is impractical to use infra red.

The Guardian STC6 transmits on a high infra red frequency as well as the standard infra red frequency. This means it is ideal for use on sites where high frequency switched lighting has been installed, and overcomes the potential problems associated with type of lighting technology. It can also be used on older sites where the standard Guardian AIRX4 IR Receivers have been installed.